#1 - The Sides of the Sale with Mike Rampf

What opportunities exist, and who stands to benefit from the current real estate market in Vancouver?

How much are realtors putting in their pocket after the sale of your home?

This and more will be discussed in Episode 2 of the podcast. Andrew sits down with Mike Rampf, a top realtor in Vancouver. They dive into some of the less talked about issues in Vancouver real estate, and discuss life as a realtor in today's market.

0:00 - Introducing Mike Rampf | Vancity Living | vancityliving.com

4:22 - Vancouver real estate - What does the market look like today?

10:10 - Price vs Volume - What matters for realtors?

12:51 - $1,000,000 - What can you buy in Vancouver?

19:17 - Property taxes and foreign investors

27:04 - Who stands to benefit from the current market?

29:06 - Commission, revenue, and profit

37:02 - Realtor reality & getting into the Medallion club

41:50 - Staging homes

45:22 - Buyers market vs sellers market: What are we in now?

48:22 - Disruptive innovations in real estate

53:15 - Affordability in Vancouver