#3 - Becoming your own style icon with Jason Sarai

On this week’s episode, Jason Sarai joins Andrew Johns for a discussion about style.

For Jason, style has never been about wearing something brand name, expensive, or trendy.

Style is about living a life designed by you, and the clothes you wear should reflect this.

Do you wear a suit for work? If the answer is yes, this podcast contains some incredible insight for how to step up your game to look fresh and confident every single day.

It’s not about increasing your budget, it’s about understanding what makes you comfortable and confident, and finding wardrobes to match.

0:00 - Who is Jason Sarai?

8:00 - Style by Sarai & lifestyle consulting

11:36 - Ready to wear vs Made to measure vs Semi Bespoke vs Full Bespoke

18:21 - Proper fit & how to make your suits last

22:18 - Name brand vs custom suits

31:21 - How to: suiting properly with YOUR budget

42:01 - The bespoke experience: what's it like?

56:24 - Becoming your own style icon

57:57 - Soirees

Jason can be reached at stylebysarai.com.