#2 - Conquering Fear and Self Doubt with Sam Wyatt

In this episode we follow in Sam’s boot prints as he guides us up the Northern Face of Mt. Everest, to the very peak, where he spent 15 minutes completely alone at the top of the world. He summitted Cho-Oyu, the sixth highest mountain on earth (8201m) without supplemental oxygen or sherpa support. Sam has ran the entire West Coast Trail in a single day, three times, with his fastest time being 16 hours.

Outside of his incredible feats in climbing and adventuring, Sam spent 10 years, from the ages of 20 to 30, as a celibate monk. No sex, no drugs, no alcohol. The meditation centre’s philosophy of self-transcendence provided the inspiration for his accomplishments to date.

Andrew and Sam talk about the importance of managing self doubt, and how this skill can be applied in business as well as life.

Tune in!