#11 - The Business of Bicycles with Norco CEO John Williams

Few brands are as near and dear to the heart of Canadians as Norco Bicycles. Chances are, if you grew up riding bikes in Canada, you’ve either owned, ridden, or envied someone who had one of these bikes. Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Port Coquitlam, the success of Norco has spawned several other successful companies, and today the parent company, Live to Play Sports, represents over 70 brands. 

You can hear the excitement in John Williams voice when he talks about his role as CEO of the company. Not only is his company expanding at an impressive rate and winning awards left right and centre, but the industry continues to evolve rapidly with each year looking very different than the last.

We discuss topics such as: 

  • The brand impact of competitive riding

  • Explosive growth in the E-bike industry 

  • Advancements in bicycle technology