Election Series - NDP Candidate for Vancouver Centre | Breen Ouellette

This segment of Coastal Front is designed to provide constituents in Vancouver with an overview of the candidates that they can vote for at the October 21st, 2019 federal election.

Vancouver Centre candidates:

Breen Ouellette - NDP

David Cavey - Conservative

Jesse Brown - Green

Hedy Fry - Liberal

Breen Ouellette:

Breen believes that community leaders should understand the needs of the people they serve. His dream is to represent all of you: as your MP in matters of federal jurisdiction; as your partner with other levels of government; and as your advocate when no one else will take responsibility. Our lives are more complex than a few tired talking points. Breen rises to the challenge of consulting with the people and communities of Vancouver Centre, to carry your guidance forward for the change that matters to us all.