We have an office in Beijing?|  04/28/2017

Andrew's research and report from his blog post "We have an office in Beijing?" on the Province of B.C.'s spending of an office is Asia is covered by the media.

National Observer - "B.C. poured millions into an office in China. Why?". Read the article here

The Tyee - "Five Months after Stewart Quits 'Critical' Asia Trade Post, Job Still Vacant". Read the article here.

#UniteFamilyDay 2017 | 01/30/2017

Why is Family in B.C. on a different day than the rest of Canada? Let's come together to #UniteFamilyDay across Canada so we can all celebrate together! Sign the petition on and share #UniteFamilyDay on social media. 

Andrew Johns is joined by Andrew Weaver (MLA Oak-Bay Gordan Head), David Eby (MLA Vancouver-Point Grey) and Som Seif (President & CEO Purpose Investments) who support the petition.

Sign your name on the petition - "Help Investors Move Away From Canada Savings Bonds" | 10/18/2016

Andrew is interviewed on his opinion on ending the Canada Savings Bonds Program. Read the online article here - "Where to Park your Clients' Cash" |  04/08/2016

Andrew is featured on and provides insight in the fixed income space and advice on cash management. Read the online article here. 

CTV / Global News / Metro News Vancouver /CityTV 

Petition to #UniteFamilyDay Across Canada | 02/11/2016

Family Day was originally created to give people time off to spend with their families. In 2012, Premier Christy Clark decided to pass the Family Day Act establishing B.C.'s very own 'Family Day'. Our Family Day occurs on the 2nd Monday in February, which is out of sync with the rest of the country who celebrate on the 3rd Monday. 

Family Day is a fantastic idea but like many other hard working individuals in B.C., I am unable to spend it with my family. Business owners and employees who conduct business across Canada have to work on B.C. Family Day, in addition to the Family Day observed by the rest of the country. Supporters of this petition have also indicated it does not align with visiting relatives across the country or for parents who have to work and arrange for child care. Further discontent is created as it is misaligned with cross-border business and relatives who observe a statutory holiday (Presidents’ Day) on the third Monday in February.

The petition has gained over 18,500 supporters and local media coverage. See Andrew's #UniteFamilyDay Petition and full media coverage on

The Johns' Family: Andrew, Crystal and their three children.

The Johns' Family: Andrew, Crystal and their three children.

Investment Executive - Cover Feature | February 2014

Andrew is featured on the cover of Investment Executive in February 2014. 

"Lower Margins. Higher Volumes" Andrew Johns has been an entrepreneur since he started his lawn-mowing company at age 10. Today, his team boasts an impressive list of private and institutional clients. He still comes up with business ideas. Read the online article here.

Advisor's Edge -  Cover Feature  | 11/22/2012

Andrew is featured on the cover of Advisor's Edge of November 2012

Advisor's Edge Cover features two articles on Andrew from 2012-2013.

  1. "How to Achieve Success Early". Read the article online here
  2. "An All-Star Rooster".  Read the article online here.

In 2014, Andrew discusses how he focused on a profitable business and when he transitioned his business in, "3 Approaches to Prospecting". Read the article online here