Andrew has developed a successful team as one of the top financial advisors in Canada. Along his journey to the top he experienced hardship and overcame many obstacles. He understands what it takes to embark on an entrepreneurial path and the characteristics that make one successful. Andrew provides daily leadership to his team but outside of that he enjoys speaking and providing mentorship to students and upcoming entrepreneurs.

If you think Andrew would be great fit to speak at an upcoming event or would like to organize a session please contact Andrew for more information.

Speaking Events:


University of Victoria - January 24, 2018

Andrew was invited back by UVic's Commerce Student Society to speak to a group of business students. It was a great night and Andrew was excited to be back and speaking with a new group of students (and some familiar faces) on his entrepreneurial  journey including the success of his latest endeavor HoneyBadger.

Visit here for a more detail recap of Andrew's session. 

University of Victoria - November 7, 2016

Andrew was a keystone guest for the University of Victoria's 2016 Speaker Series. As a graduate of UVic, Andrew has plenty of relevant advice for how students can land life changing careers in the financial services industry, and ultimately achieve success at early stages in life. 

Visit here for a more detailed recap of Andrew's session at UVic. 

Andrew Johns at UVIC