Episode 1 - Zinc Exploration in Ireland with Bart Jaworski

I met Bart Jaworski (CEO of Group Eleven Resources Corp) 16 years ago when he was a uranium analyst in Vancouver. Life took Bart to Ireland, and now he and his team are leading one of the most exciting zinc exploration projects in the world.

Our discussion takes us from farmlands in China to tropical Ireland; along the way Bart teaches me what “stoichiometric” means and why fertilizer may be a game changer for the zinc industry.

Group Eleven Resources Corp.: CVE: ZNG

0:05 - Introducing Bart Jaworski

7:29 - What is Zinc and what is it used for?

10:26 - Zinc market overview

14:10 - Exploration in Ireland

18:07 - Group Eleven Resources

21:10 - Stonepark Project

23:30 - What's on the docket for 2019?