Cash Management Group Podcast (Ep3) - Bruce Maranda, Chief Compliance Office, Canaccord Genuity

If you’re under the impression that an hour and forty minutes of cold hard compliance talk will bore the pants off of you, we understand. But Bruce isn’t your typical CCO, and this isn’t some kind of lecture on abiding by the financial regulations in Canada.

Instead, this podcast explores the Canadian finance industry from two contrasting perspectives:

1) From the view of the regulatory bodies

2) From the view of the industry

Bruce has worked with the Investment Dealer’s Association of Canada, the Vancouver Stock Exchange, IIROC, and he’s now the Chief Compliance Officer at Canaccord Genuity, where he has spent the last 16 years. Needless to say, he has experienced both ends of the compliance spectrum, and on today’s episode he provides an unbiased and very educated perspective on how the regulatory environment in Canada ought to look.


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2:20 - Is the Canadian finance industry over regulated?

13:55 - Deregulation, is it coming?

17:45 - Regulators vs The Industry

23:10 - How the financial crisis impacted the regulatory environment

34:21 - Regulatory changed post financial crisis

46:35 - Flawless Financial Advisors

50:30 - CRM2 - Charging our clients the least amount possible

58:32 - Searching advisors and their ratings

1:07:39 - Money laundering in British Columbia (FINTRAC)

1:37:27 - Crypto currency regulation

1:46:38 - Canaccord Genuity rock band